The Musical Cricket Ball

Can Cricket be fused with Music?? It’s one of the cool thoughts I had yesterday, felt like writing more about it.

What if, we could embed a microphone at the core of a cricket ball? I’m talking about a symmetric kind of Cricket ball core with a symmetric microphone-transmitter setup, that way, the ball would not be off balance when it is being played with in an actual T-20 match. Also, we could put in tiny holes that rise up to the surface at various points, we can catch the sound of air rushing down upon the ball….Whoosh, Phirr and other Batman comic sounds. I would like to hear the sounds that get generated. Also, this type of design can be used across various ball games like baseball, golf etc.

I’m taking this piece as inspired by the design of the Alexa hardware. Who knows, maybe companies like Bose would have already worked on such a design.

Now, where does the music bit come into play?? That’s the fun part. If we can have the kind of setup described above, the ball would be transformed into a kind of musical instrument. The number and placement of the mic-pores could be left to the audio engineers to design it like that way they would, a new musical instrument. Air rushing over different microphone pores on the surface of the ball can generate different notes and rhythms. And who knows, we could have different types of genres of ball-music being generated by an Outswing bowler, an Off-spinner, a Sixer etc.

OK how can this make cricket interesting? Well, for starters, after feeding the sound into one of them ML algo’s, we can come up with the kind of notes that imply an off-spin, in-swing and maybe even googly’s and we can see how they sound. Snick-o-meters  and other umpiring tools can be done away with. Imagine the sound you’d get when a fast spinning ball is hit for a six, with, and against the spin. So many combinations, makes me feel that this one would be a sure hit.

Now coming to music. I think this has the potential to transform the game into a musical performance. Which bowler produces the best music, and to what genre does his bowling style fit in with. It can take Cricket-aesthetics to a whole new level. Take 2 things you so love, and fuse them together, to get an even delectable product!

(About the Generation Gap and other such things)

During a recent Madbidi/Madbedi conundrum with a chaiwala in Namma-B, I was in sheer frustration. Frustrated, regarding the growing number of people who are referring me as “Uncle”. Not that I am in denial about my age (and looks), but, in a time when people born in the new millennium are starting to vote, it’s about time the “Uncle” definition is set straight.

Pretty soon, I would start managing a bunch of Gen-Z folks back at work (as if handling Millennials was easy enough). And after hearing a lot of talk about generations (Gen-X, Millennials, Gen-Z),  and the so-cald generational mindsets and gaps, I was totally confused. So, I decided to do some research on the net to bring about some clarity around the Generation-XYZ  topic. Whilst browsing, some chunky comical thoughts spawned in my head, which I have highlighted in this condensed reporting while allowing it to make their own disquieting points:

A Generation – According to Wikipedia, constitutes of, “all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively”. “It can also be described as, the average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children of their own”. Now that’s like twice the number of years of what I had considered to be a Biological generation.

First off, generational buddies are defined by birth year and not their current age. So, if you are still referring to them high-school/college students as millennials, it’s not always the case. Here’s a brief definition statistic, regarding generational nomenclature:

Gen X: Gen X was born between 1965 and 1979

Gen Y: Gen Y, or Millennials, were born between 1980 and 1994

Gen Z: Gen Z is the newest generation to be named and were born between 1995 and 2015

Since my college days, times and lifestyles have changed. Youngistaan now been replaced with “Live for now” (I’m referring to the Pepsi taglines). Youngistaanis who walked around claiming to be Fag-busters are now busted, leaving little room but to change their views about certain things. “Dude” which was the cool way to refer to someone, has for instance, now been replaced with “Bro”.

Music scene has changed. Being someone who still listens to the Rock \m/ (my songs never age btw – they just…mature ), I am disgusted with the kind of house/trance music that these recent college pass-outs listen to. All over the radio it is! If radio/internet waves were to affect the head in some way, there’d be some serious retardness infused into humanity. Cheech and Chong had given way to Harold and Kumar during my prime-time. But now, I have no clue which character plays chilled-out roles in recent times.

We graduated from talking about bicycles to bikes. But for Gen-Z’s, even if they ever talk about transportation, it’s not Cars! They’d rather Ola and Uber whilst Swiggying, on their way back home. Gen-Z, short for Generation- Zombie (on account of the amount of time they spend looking at their mobile screens) have got it handed over to them in a platter. We, on the other hand, have wasted an enormous amount of youthfulness, waiting….standing in the excruciatingly long queues: on the night before the exam to photocopy reading material, to pay the electricity bills, and to check out the SSLC result – where no queue is ever maintained.

And now, they get to call us “Uncles”.

Exponential is the way of the world, dear reader. It’s “e” to the power of x!!

What’s it gonna be next?

“Alexa, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded spouse?”


On the path he chose all those years ago,
One that nobody ever took,
Now he sees blossoms et al., on the sidewalks,
Leading to journeys unbeknownst?

Like a newfound song that echoes on infinite loop,
One that he had discovered, a couple of hours ago.
The chords that left him high and dry,
Spoke a language he does not understand.

Off he boards the flying ship,
To a land that promises him more,
To chance a dream at a future,
Destination Unknown!


Yet another boring weekend in Bengaluru, full of Maggi, Internet and of course, Facebook-ing. I have learnt many things on Facebook. For example, changing your display pic and rephrasing your names several times around is as good as leaving it untouched, right from the start. And after spending much time in changing my favorite music artists, updating the about me and posting those several thought-provoking self-proclaimed anecdotes; I have gathered many insights into the endless monotony about the online life of single south Indian men. What I have unearthed is most disheartening. Disheartening, because comprehension of these truths will not change our online relationship-status anytime soon. For starters, we are not as dashing as we portray ourselves in the online world. However there is also cause for joy, coz we do look much prettier than our photo on voters ID card (when you were 18 years old it was something else, but the PAN card has changed all that).
Our futures are shot to hell as soon we bestow upon us names on facebook, that are anything but alluring. Name yourself “Santo – The Redeemer” or “Zeh – The Tiger” and I cannot imagine a more fool-proof way of making sure you remain single till classified advertisements on Tamilmatrimony. He would soon grow to be known as “The Redeemer” and no woman in their right minds would go near poor Santo. Yes my dear reader, nomenclature is the first nail in a coffin of neglect and hormonal pandemonium, and the reason why we do not get any!
His IT job doesn’t help either. But his employer loves him though, for he has no personal life and can take on several alter ego’s you see. Perfect attributes that can help the ‘Man’ churn out money by making Mr. Redeemer talk to Mr Smith who is located on the other side of the planet at 9 AM PST or 11 PM EST (Mr. Smith btw ensures that 90 year old feeble Jack gets his spam snail mail printed out just fine).
So my dear friends we are not just meant to set the nights on fire. We are just not built to be “The Ladies Man”. The black man has hip hop, the white man has rock, the southie guy only has idlis and tomato rasam or an NRI account in South Indian Bank Ernakulam Branch. Alas as our destiny was determined in one fell swoop by our nomenclature, so will our future be.
(Originally by Sidin Vadukut – who btw did not accept my friend request at the time when this was written).

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The Elevator Problem

My office building has 10 levels and 4 elevators. The floors are labelled UB, G, 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Two elevators (lets call them A and B) cater to the odd numbered levels (stops at 1, 3, 5, 7) and two cater to the even numbered ones (stops at 2, 4, 6). And all the 4 elevators stop at UB, G and 8 levels as there are cafeterias and parking lots respectively. I stay in one of the even floors.

So, I thought of charting something up based off my daily routine. I wanted to know the probability of me finding an elevator, ready, waiting for me to board, when I have just entered office (at UB) which can take me to my even numbered level.


  • Due to the heavy load and demand, elevator stops at all possible designated levels.
  • Inter level transmission times can be ignored, so this can be modelled as a discrete probability problem.
  • Finally, lets assume there is space for me when the elevator door opens – a very optimistic assumption of course!

Question: What is the probability of finding at least one of the even-level elevators (A and B), waiting for me at UB when I arrive at the peak hour. Extend the calculation to the Odd numbered elevator (C and D). Find out below.


Like they say, Knowing is not enough, one must apply. Willing is not enough, one must do!